We are a statewide consortium of natural gas and oil producers committed to ensuring Energy Advances Arkansas. Together, we’re educating our neighbors about the industry’s participation in public safety and environmental stewardship as it relates to Arkansas land, water and air.

We’re also sharing how activity in the Fayetteville Shale is substantially contributing to the economic prosperity of the state we call home. Producers are responsibly reaching these abundant natural gas and oil resources, answering the need for domestic energy and local jobs. While employment in most sectors has declined, natural gas and oil jobs have doubled since 2004. Today, the industry supports 30,000 jobs statewide.

As the seventh largest natural gas producing state in country, Arkansas is a major contributor to domestic energy supplies and is helping strengthen America's energy security.

This energy is powering our lives and generating millions in tax revenue for Arkansas communities and schools. As citizens of Arkansas, we’re honored to be part of this progress. We’re equally committed to protecting our land, water and air. Because the Fayetteville Shale is about more than energy. It’s about progress, good stewardship, and most of all, people.