Pad Site Safeguards & Monitoring

The safe transport of natural gas and oil in the Fayetteville Shale is a top priority 365 days a year. We’re committed to quality materials, proven technology, and high construction standards for a simple reason – Arkansas is our home.

Many well sites are monitored 24/7 by state of the art video cameras in fully automated control rooms. Trained technicians are able to shut down a site should the slightest concern arise.

Specialists conduct regular maintenance checks. Additionally, a variety of local, state and federal authorities closely regulate every site. When it comes to protecting Arkansas communities, we believe it is time and money well spent.

Specific Pad Site Safety Measures:

  • Valve sites are placed at specific intervals ensuring gas can be easily shut off to a particular area.
  • In urban areas, high fences surround pad site for added protection, safety and to prevent unauthorized access to site.
  • All operators utilize a variety of highly sensitive instruments and controls to monitor pressure levels. If pressure levels become too high or too low, an automatic alarm will sound.
  • Every operator coordinates with all public safety officials to develop a comprehensive emergency response plan. In the unlikely event of an incident, strategies are in place to secure the area and move residents to a safe distance.